Let us help you to utilize the space in your DC (Data Centre) LAN Room with the installation of Rack & Stack. Our comprehensive service involves setting up, installation, laying of fiber cables, labeling, testing, configuration, planning, power on/off, delivery of CPE, Cards, SFP. 

With daily installations scheduled to all major Data centers & Telcos Exchanges or Central Offices (CO), we have completed over 10k of Servers and Switches setup.

  • Start off with Survey & Proposal technical drawing and layouts are prepared for client acceptance.
  • Installation will kick off upon received project’s confirmation and requisites met.
  • Testing & Commissioning will be carried out on installation phase to ensure your network met the performance evaluation and stability requirements.
  • Preventive & Corrective Maintenance is included as a follow-up measure in ensuring that the network installation is at its constant optimum performance.
  • Scheduled Maintenance of Mission Critical Equipment, we intercept failure and breakdown which will adversely affect your business.
  • Storage & Staging of Equipment

Reliable Results

Strong foundation established with training and heavy investment in tools and testers with our Technology Partners has yielded consistent positive effects. Accurate, reliable results definitely guaranteed for your business.



Responsible Workforce

With 20 over years of experience in the telecommunication field, our team of trained professionals are dedicated and driven to deliver outstanding work for your projects.


Our strong rapport established with many industry related partnerships and vendors has enabled a strong support system to call upon for Installation materials or supporting equipment.